Condo Insurance in Torrance

Searching for a great rate on condo insurance in Torrance? Contact the Expert Insurance agency for a free quote on Condo Insurance today. With the increasing cost of building a house, many people today prefer to buy condominiums. While you are enjoying the experience that comes with buying a condo, do not forget to consider the risks involved in such investments.

Condo owners are exposed to numerous risks considering that you share the same building with other people, most of whom you can’t control. Any amount of negligence on the side of your neighbor can lead to lose of life and property. Hence, there is need to have a reliable mercury condo owner insurance coverage purchased through Protection Expert at Expert Auto Insurance Agency.

What is included in Mercury Condo Insurance?

When you are buying a mercury condo owner insurance policy which is a low price leader you’ll see it carry high quality coverage. A common misconception or mistake is assuming your Homeowners Association Master policy covers inside unit, no this is a wrong assumption, if you look at your HOA Bylaws or CC&R’s, clearly states that condo owner is responsible to carry enough coverage through individual condo owner policy to cover anything inside your unit. HOA is only responsible for common area not your unit and that is it. despite you paying monthly HOA dues, there could be no coverage for any personal belongings nor coverage for interior walls and kitchen and bathrooms.

What are the Benefits of Condo Insurance?

One of the obvious benefits of buying a mercury condo insurance is that it will help you save money in case of an incident. For instance, when a fire accident damages your condo, you won’t have to grapple with huge budgets trying to replace the condo. Your insurance company will shoulder the entire cost of replacing your part in a condo ownership for you. Some of the benefits of buying a Mercury condo owner insurance policy are as follow:

Content Coverage: Personal Belonging or your possessions such as furniture, electronics, clothes, and appliances will be covered if they are destroyed. This coverage could be enhanced to replacement guarantee coverage. That means a Mercury Condo insurance policy could replace a used TV with a brand new one for a condo owner under a covered loss for example if fire broke in your condo. Please see your policy for special limits on electronics and computers.

Liability Coverage: Mercury condo owner insurance offers liability coverage up to half a million dollars, if someone has been injured or loses property arising from your condo ownership.This coverage is pretty comprehensive coverage and can be increased up to $10,000,000 through an Umbrella Insurance policy purchased from Expert Auto Insurance Agency.

Dwelling Coverage: Mercury condo policy also could cover additions and alterations (Dwelling Converge) if you purchase such coverage, which is to cover damage to the condominium dwelling. Homeowners Association Master policy should cover outside structure, but inside might not be covered at all, or the HOA master policy may have a large deductible. In that case you need to buy adequate coverage to cover inside walls, ceiling, flooring, kitchen cabinetry, bathrooms and everything included in your condo. Please be aware that in such cases usually Homeowners Association is only liable for common area and not your condo.

What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

Other coverages are Medical payments, Loss of use, Loss Assessments, and much more. If you are clueless about what to expect from a mercury condo owner insurance policy, you can check with a qualified home insurance agent from our office ie Expert Auto Insurance Agency for advice on the available policies.

Fortunately, you can now get a free Mercury Condo insurance quote for your condo from Expert Auto insurance agency protection experts. Expert Auto Insurance Agency have been in business of protecting people and their assets for over twenty five years.

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